A Guide to Becoming a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur. Just like Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the most successful faith-driven entrepreneur.

Let me explain this statement as simply as possible. There are 3 main variables describing any entrepreneur:

  1. Customer segment - who you target
  2. Problem - what problem do you solve for them?
  3. Solution - what you suggest as a solution.

We can describe what Jesus did on the cross in one sentence using these 3 variables:

Jesus has solved the sin problem for the whole of humanity.

And what makes him the most successful is that His solution has worked for 2000 years. He solved the sin problem and invited everyone to partner with Him! Here are 3 easy steps to become a partner in this super venture.

  1. Choose your customer segment. He chose the entire humanity (John 3:16). You can choose one segment.
  2. Discover their problem. His solution frees us from sins, but the path is narrow and there are many problems. (Matthew 7:13)
  3. Solve it at any cost. He gave his life. Be ready to take up your cross daily to follow him. (Luke 9:23)

It was Jesus' call for us to become partners with Him that we accepted.

So, at BibleLines:

  1. Customer segment: All Bible readers
  2. Problem: Understanding
  3. Solution: 1000s of revelations between the lines of your Bible.

So, in a nutshell: We help Bible readers understand it by adding Bible teachers' revelations and explanations under every Bible verse. This helps readers gain a deeper understanding of the Bible's teachings. It also helps them to better apply the Bible's teachings to their lives.

And like Jesus, we also invite everyone to partner with us!

All Bible readers and teachers, churches and ministries, we only have a VERY LIMITED number of invite-only seats available. To secure your spot, we invite you to a Zoom call to ensure we can deliver the right experience for you.

Hurry and book a time that suits you.

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- Perch and Gagik
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