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Do you imagine the impact of adding your life-changing teachings under every verse you have ever mentioned? You are invited to join our 1st early partnership program designed for 50 Bible teachers only!

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Understanding Matters

People Need Bible Teachers Like You!

People reading the Scriptures need Bible teachers like you to help them understand what they are reading and apply it to their lives, just as Philip did for the Ethiopian eunuch, driven by the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:26-40)

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We invite you at this early stage to make your content featured and recommend the next group of Bible teachers, influencing the platform's growth in the right direction.

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Help People Understand Every Bible Verse.

Who hears the word and understands it produces a crop 100x, 60x, or 30x. (Matthew 13:23)

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BibleLines is a vital resource for helping to create true disciples of Christ and mature believers for all the exciting things that God has planned for us.

Dean Spitzer PhD

Former professor; author; Bible teacher.

Friquently Asked Questions

BibleLines is more than a Bible app! In today's fast-paced world, people habitually scroll through social media feeds and prefer short-form videos for consuming information. Reading the Bible or listening to hour-long sermons feels boring, especially for the next generation. BibleLines solves this by organizing video teachings directly under relevant Bible verses, allowing users to read the Bible and listen to sermons from the exact moment a verse is discussed.

63% of the US identifies as Christian, yet only 6% hold a biblical worldview, understanding essential foundations like salvation and grace. Evil exploits technology, rapidly bringing sin within one-click distance to everyone through social media. It's time to leverage modern technologies to address today's challenges, helping people understand the Bible and live out its teachings in their daily lives.

It's a full concierge service. You simply choose the videos from your YouTube page that you want to add to BibleLines first. We handle everything ourselves: detecting verses with our unique AI technology and adding them to your BibleLines account!

Our unique AI technology automatically detects Bible verses mentioned in your YouTube videos, regardless of the Bible version you use, and creates video feeds under each one, complete with the exact seconds they are mentioned.

We prayerfully choose the first group, seeking those whose teachings are demonstrably based solely on the entire Bible, similar to the faith leaders we admire, such as Billy Graham, Derek Prince, and Tim Keller.

We've received this question countless times. Our offer is simple: with your help, we will make it happen! Join us as one of our first partners and have a voice in who joins next.

Technology is expensive. We are offering the platform entirely FREE for you and your congregation. We only charge for the Verse detection service we provide to add your videos under Bible verses. Apply for partnership to learn more about the pricing.

We're offering this partnership opportunity to around 1000 Bible Teachers, Churches, & Ministries. However, due to limited capacity, at this stage, we will only work with the first 50 responders. So, please act quickly to secure your spot!

The Future of Bible-Based Content is Between the Lines of the Bible.

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1. If you are a Bible teacher, join our early partnership program.
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