The life-changing power of the Holy Bible: how it changed my life.

The life-changing power of the Holy Bible: how it changed my life.

I grew up in a Christian family. Since I was a child, my parents taught me about God and the Bible. I loved the Bible stories so much that I asked God for wisdom like King Solomon so I could read the Bible myself. God has answered and I learned the Armenian alphabet when I was a 5-year-old child, and I began reading my Bible.

But as I grew up, the Bible became just a book of interesting stories for me. Year after year, I became a strict and complicated person because of one problem.

My testimony.

I was a disagreeable boy.

I was constantly arguing with everyone and unwilling to compromise on anything. I was uncompromising in my beliefs and stuck in my ways. I was stubborn and unwilling to listen to others. As I delved deeper and deeper, I started questioning all of society's rules.

I disagreed with society's acceptable behaviors even in the most basic of matters. Let me bring a few examples.

  1. Saying hello to people. It didn't make sense to me. I thought "Who decided what word I should say when meeting people?" I decided to smile without saying hello.
  2. Christmas, March 8, birthdays, etc. In questioning it all, I asked: "Who decided when and how it should be celebrated or that we should congratulate each other?".
  3. Education system. Year after year at school I started asking the same questions like "Why should I spend 10 years of my life learning all these things?", "Why should someone else decide what I must study?"

Maybe it sounds stupid, but it was my belief for a long time. No matter what, I hated being forced to do things I didn't choose. Just because it's a societal standard, that wasn't reason enough for me to do it. I never wanted to align my actions and behavior with others' expectations and acceptance. I always said:

Who can define what I should do or how I should behave? I am the decision-maker in my life, and there are no other authorities for me.

I sought unchangeable authority.

I didn't accept my parents' admonitions to live according to the Bible, because I had seen the same compromises in the church. Sometimes, people in the church also preferred to behave according to society's standards, not according to the Bible.

But at the same time, I understood that I could not live rejecting all existing systems without any alternative. I sought a solid system according to which I could be free to make my decisions without explaining my behavior. I sought an unchangeable foundation, which I could always refer to as an authority.

I studied physics at university and worked at high-tech companies, making some atheist friends. At first glance, it appeared that they had successfully made science a foundation for their lives and were living without the problems I faced. But digging deeper, I discovered that science is also not a solid foundation. No science can answer all your questions, and it is far from being unchangeable. I call it a scientific belief because science is also based on faith. If you want to understand the theory, you must unconditionally believe in the axioms.

Later, I proved to my friends that they were also believers by the following statement:

Whether God exists or not from a scientific perspective is equally irrational. You need the same measure of faith to accept or reject God's existence.

Having discovered that science is also not a reliable option, my life has become more messy and confusing.

I started arguing with God.

In my teenage years, I fell in love with a girl. She was 2 years and 7 months older than me. She was a pretty and charming young girl, but I was just a smart and strange boy for her. Many mature and successful guys wanted to get her attention. I wasn't even the last person on her list of candidates; I just wasn't on her list at all.

She was very talented at music and to attract her attention I wrote lyrics for her and learned to play guitar (but I had zero singing talent). It attracted her attention a little, but nothing more. However, I was so stubborn, until everyone knew my story. My family, friends, and everyone who listened said the same words: "It's not acceptable when a girl is older than you."

Can you imagine how much I cared about what was accepted anymore? But, the problem was that she and her family also thought that a boy should be older than a girl. I couldn't do anything with it. I started thinking that I was born at the wrong time with the wrong talents. I began to question non-negotiable things you might never have been thinking about. I thought I should have been born 3 years ago with musical talents. I know it sounds crazy, but that is what I thought. Therefore, I started arguing with God and asking questions like:

"If You are the Creator, why didn’t You ask me when I wanted to be born? If You are the Father, why didn’t You ask me what talents I wanted to have?"

God’s answers.

Do you know what is the best part about asking God? He answers! I have read the Bible a lot, but I have never asked questions. Once I started, He answered, and it was a straightforward answer. He said, "I AM". You may not understand this simple answer if you have not read the Bible, but it was enough for me. Check out the Bible. Many of God's servants heard this answer and their lives changed.

Could you imagine what happened next?

That pretty girl became my girl… Then she became my wife and now we have a happy and blessed family with 2 children.

As a result, I found answers to all my questions and needs. I realized that:

  • God created me at the right time, with the right talents.
  • God’s Word is the only unchanging authority I can trust.
  • God’s Will is perfect, and He has a perfect plan for my life.

His answers are in the Bible.

Do you know when I got all those answers from God? Since the moment I made the decision to believe in God unconditionally, He has never stopped answering my questions. He always speaks to me when I read the Bible not as a regular book, but as God's infallible Word.

  • The same book of interesting stories from my childhood.
  • The same book that I read just for my father’s sake.
  • The same book I read just to judge people.

The same book completely changed my life and became the most important book of my life. Every time I face life's challenges, I believe God has an answer. All I do is seek it in the Bible and apply it in my life.

BibleLines is God’s answer.

BibleLines is God’s answer for me at this stage of life, and I believe it will become the source of answers for many others. Together with our team and advisors, we crafted BibleLines' unique value proposition (UVP):

Accelerating the Life-Changing Impact of the Holy Bible.

I believe that regardless of denomination every Christian would agree that the Holy Bible has the power to change the way we think and live. I shared my story as a testimony to the Bible's power. The power that over 2000 years changed lives and today also changes everyone who believes.

Our vision at BibleLines is to amplify that power's impact by helping people understand every Bible verse. If you liked my story please share your feedback. I would love to hear your stories too, and who knows, perhaps one day we will share your story as well.

Love you.
- Perch!

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