Let's Welcome Dr. Dean Spitzer Ph.D. to the BibleLines Advisory Board

Former professor at 5 universities; author; consultant with IBM and other Fortune 100 companies; Bible teacher at many Bible Colleges.

Let's Welcome Dr. Dean Spitzer Ph.D. to the BibleLines Advisory Board
Dr. Dean Spitzer Ph.D. about BibleLines

Let's Welcome Dr. Dean to the BibleLines Advisory Board

BibleLines is delighted and privileged to have Dr. Dean R. Spitzer, Ph.D. join us as a member of the advisory board. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise from various fields that we hope to leverage for our mission.

Furthermore, he joins not only as an advisor but also as a Content Partner. This means that his content will appear at the top of BibleLines' content feeds. If you are a Bible teacher join our early content partnership program.

Dr. Dean about BibleLines

Here is why Dr. Dean decided to be a part of our mission as an advisor and Content Partner:

"The most important thing to me, in this last quarter, of my life on this earth, is to participate in God's plan for humanity (in fact, I am currently writing a book on "God's Master Plan"). God's plan is for more than "saving" humanity from sin, but to make disciples, who will be kings and priests in His kingdom. God wants His human creation to live up to His initial design for fruitfulness and dominion (Genesis 1:28). Clearly Adam and Eve weren't prepared for the job, so God is working to prepare humanity (Adam and Eve's descendants) for the end of His plan: ruling and reigning with Christ for all eternity in the New Jerusalem! In order for humans to be ready for ministering and co-reigning with Christ, there needs to be growth well beyond salvation.
BibleLines is a vital resource for helping to create true disciples of Christ and mature believers for all the exciting things that God has planned for us. It is such an honor to be an Advisor for such an important venture."

A Brief Bio of Dr. Dean

Dean Spitzer is a leading authority on performance measurement, performance management, and organizational motivation. His latest book "Transforming Performance Measurement" has been acclaimed as a "breakthrough", "a masterpiece", and "the most important book ever written about performance measurement". In addition, Dr. Spitzer’s book SuperMotivation "A Blueprint for Energizing Your Organization from Top to Bottom" is considered a classic in the field. It was selected as one of the 30 outstanding business books of the year it was published.

Companies and government agencies around the world seek Dr. Spitzer's advice and counsel. Over 100 organizations on five continents have benefited from his consulting expertise. Dr. Spitzer has held senior positions at IBM Corporation and other Fortune 100 companies for many years. His other roles include teaching at five universities and working for a government agency. The world's first online master's degree program was pioneered by Dr. Spitzer while at Boise State University; he built this pioneering effort into a highly successful program that continues to flourish even today. Besides developing innovative learning approaches, Spitzer also developed a breakthrough methodology for linking training to performance.

Dr. Spitzer served as Vice President of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). He has also received many awards for his work, including ISPI's Outstanding Communication Award and Outstanding Human Performance Intervention Award.

Dr. Spitzer has authored more than 8 books, written more than 200 articles, and presented at more than 100 conferences worldwide.

Spitzer received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and his M.A. from Northwestern University. He pursued both undergraduate and graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

Dr. Spitzer is an active Bible teacher. He is also a consultant to Andrew Wommack Ministries and a visiting lecturer at Charis Bible College. He is the principal consultant, a member of the Board of Directors, and a visiting professor at the Evangelical Christian College in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dr. Spitzer and his wife are both Messianic Jews (Jewish Christians) and have been disciples of Christ for over 40 years.

Dean’s Recent Christian Activities

Freedom Christian Center

  • Active member for 13 years
  • Gave many presentations, leadership training, and led Bible studies

Charis Bible College

  • Advisor and organizational development consultant
  • Visiting professor

Evangelical Christian College (Nepal)

  • Mentor to the President
  • Principal Advisor
  • Member, Advisory Board
  • Developed “Practical Christianity” curriculum
  • Teacher of courses on Salvation and sanctification, God’s Master Plan, and Christian Leadership
  • Funded an evangelistic training center to teach women practical skills

Renewal International (trains pastors in India and Africa to teach Bible-based principles and skills for improving Christian marriages and families)

  • Organizational development consultant

Remnants of Christ Ministries (Uganda)

  • Mentor to the President
  • Advisor
  • Funded evangelical outreach to teach shoemaking and repair skills

Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue

  • Active member for 16 years
  • Part of the Torah teaching team; provided teaching on the weekly Torah portion
  • Taught 7 multi-week Bible studies

Other Bible Teaching

  • Teaches frequently in-person and by Zoom to numerous groups in Brevard County, throughout the U.S., and overseas
  • Have taught 7 times at FUEL (Faith, Unity, Evangelism, Leadership), both in Viera and Merritt Island


  • Began writing a book on “God’s Master Plan”
  • Ongoing mentoring and evangelistic outreach
  • Very active in spreading the gospel and love of God through social media
  • Have given generously for the past 40 years

Thank you for joining us, Dr. Dean.
Your advice is a great asset to us on our journey.

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